Here are some instructional videos on DIY tree service. Warning, it may cost money in other areas....You've been warned !

A 9th grade geometry lesson would have saved this guy

BFF’s no more

The best place to cut a 1,000 lb tree limb from is perched on it’s twin brother?

This guy saved at least $100.00 doing his own tree work…..still waiting on the hospital bill though??

Experience is a Hard Teacher

8 ‘of rope pulling down 25’ tree equals demolished truck!!!

Mom, I can cut down that tree for ya’, no problem………Merry Christmas Mom!

Nearly took out the power lines and fried himself in the process….What a money saver!!!

As if these videos aren't enough here are some news stories alerting you to how dangerous and unpredictable trees can be.

76 year old Florida man crushed by tree

Young tree trimmer killed January 2014

14 year old boy dies trimming tree